Have you ever found yourself somewhere you didn’t know the language? Or struggled for words to communicate with someone from somewhere else? There is often a pause. And a deer in the head lights look.

And then…And then what happened next? Leave a comment and tell us your story of a time you connected beyond language. (or a time when you didn’t!!!)

And check out this video of Argentine with a new friend, sharing a moment like that. They found a single word, a beautiful word…that needed no translation. It’s short, but it gives me shivers. Because it is exactly what we are all trying to do. Across all the differences, we sit down at the piano and look for the song we can sing together. Thank you for sharing Natasha, Kate and AIRSS!


Mungu wetu video

This is a short clip of Argentine singing “Mungu Wetu wa Ajabu” (Our God of Wonders”).  To hear the full song and get the lyrics in English and Spanish please join our community at www.patreon.com/congovoices.    For $3 per month you can support our work to empower the SHONA Congo women to document their own lives, and get access to uncut video and behind the scenes info!

Argentine explained that this song is true because it is beyond wonder how far she has come in life.   She has gone from growing up in a very poor rural home in Congo, where her mother often carried her into the forest and hid her there, when armed men invaded their town, to her own home in Canada.  “Our God of Wonder” indeed.



Arrival Video

This is Argentine and Mapendo and their families (total of 9 people) arriving in the airport in Alberta, Canada.  They had been living as refugees in Canada for the last 2 years.  This was their first time in an airplane and it was a long and exhausting journey but they were so thankful to arrive.

I was gathered with a group from AIRSS (Athabasca Interfaith Refugee Sponsorship Society) to great them at the airport.  It had been 9 long years since I last saw Argentine and Mapendo.  What a beautiful reunion it was!