Day 24: Bullets Crying


Day 24: “The bullets are crying loudly these days.” Riziki
That is the literal translation to say there is a lot of shooting these days in Goma.

Riiki sends this heartbreaking message along with this beautiful photo. And I am overcome. Because how do the two go together? Bullets crying and mamas sewing? And yet they do. In fragmented space between bullets crying, Riziki sits down to sew.

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Day 20: No Words

Day 20: (Mapendo sent this photo with no accompanying quote. Perhaps she thought the photo speaks for itself!). How would you caption it?

Mapendo and Argentine have now been in Athabasca for a month and a half. Mapendo and her family live in an apartment in this complex. Argentine is living in temporary housing amd waiting for a space to open in this complex. We are thankful to have found an apartment complex with an elevator amd ultimately the chance for Argentine and Mapendo to live near eachother.

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