Day 11: How to Cook Congolese green


This video is a reminder to me of all the work that mothers around the globe do to feed their children.

This is a recipe for sombe, made with cassava leaf (other leafy greens can be substituted).

Take a look and see how many beautiful examples you can find of hard work, love, and sheer skill that are involved with making this meal!

Solange’s Recipe: translated from swahili

  1.  Sort the cassava leaves, separating the leaves from the hard stems
  2. Place in pan with a very small amount of water and cook until softened, stirring constantly
  3. Put in kino (mortar) to grind.  Pound with pestle
  4. Put peanuts in a separate pan.  Roast.
  5. Put peanuts in Kino (mortar) to grind.  Pound with pestle until peanut flour is created
  6. Put water and oil in pan, bring to boil
  7. When water is boiling, add ground cassava leaf
  8.   Add peanut flour
  9. Add sachet (small plastic bag) of palm oil
  10. Add garlic, onion and green peper (not shown in video)
  11. Cook until water evaporates and greens are very soft.
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Day 8: Back to School!

“I am so thankful to go back to school! The school is very good here. Even the students are different… children here are very tall. In Congo we had to carry a lot of water on our backs, everyday. We had to carry water from far away. I think it is the heaviness of our life, our work, there in Congo… The children here, they don’t have that. They grow up tall.” -Neema


The girls started school in Canada today!! Ziada (6th grade), Aline (7th) and Neema (9th). Neema has not been in school since they first fled Congo 5 years ago! (shown in the video, on her way to school!)

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Day 5: The joy of dishwashing

“In Congo I could never wash dishes.  We lived in homes with no running water and we had to crouch down and wash dishes on the ground, in a basin.  Because of my disability I can’t crouch down on the ground, so I couldn’t do the dishes.  Here I can pull up a chair to the sink and wash dishes!  It feels great!”


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